Virginia Creepers Club has lit up London's alternative night-life scene now since 1997. Marilyn Coleman, 21st Century London girl, who runs the monthly venue on Saturday nights has successfully pulled off a Rockin' Club with a very different image, combining the rock fantasies of yesterday with the freak-chic and sleaze-glam of the 21st Century.
Not content with promoting live young bands from North London, bands as celebrated as The Empress of Fur (Who can forget Rebecca 'Betty Page', lead singer?), Sonny West and the Rhythm Kings, Jack and the Rippers who played in Las Vegas and had a number one hit in Germany in 1996 ('Hawaii Five-O'), Blue Voodoo, the haunting R&B band who will re-form specially for Virginia Creepers, not forgetting the late Screaming Lord Sutch, Marilyn has 'pushed the envelope' of what goes in a Rock'n'roll club.

It's not unknown to see a bit of Burlesque (50's style of course) taking place in-between band acts! Yes, we do mean strip-tease but in the teasiest possible way of course. Jake Vegas And The Naked Kiss, Rocky will play or D.J. adding to the surprise element of the venue.
DJ's Mouse and Big Beat Kris play their kind of magic alongside eclectic new and up and coming sounds. Who can forget Babe DJ Bunny Balentine playin' Bobby Rydell's 'Sway with me', the last number to be spun before home-time at the Sixties Girly Night Out on the 19th August at 2am in the morning? Bunny, keep it going large like that and you will not go far wrong!

Visits from larger-than-life characters who move in and out of the very mixed crowd (no name-dropping allowed!), strictly cool D.C. meaning wear what you want, as long as it's leopard, loud and chic.

Whats the theme? THERE IS NO THEME, ROCK'N'ROLL IS OUT THERE JUST THE SAME, BUT DIFFERENT. IT'S THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE CHANGED AND THE CROWD WHO MAKE IT DIFFERENT. Plus ├ža change...Marilyn aka Miss Virginia Creeper, Black Cat Guitarist and Wayne Hopkins taken at the Jim Carlisle and Al and the Black Cats Nite September 2006 by Diane Sprexley aka the Rhumba Queen.